Side Effects of Clomid

The side effects of Clomid are extremely mild, and most will find extremely rare regardless of the purpose of use. This is overall an extremely friendly medication, but there will be those who cannot use it due to a poor genetic response. This is a principle that holds true with all medications and is by no means limited to the side effects of Clomid. Most of the possible side effects of Clomid will fall into the category of bothersome. However, we will find there is particular case where it can be a little more serious.

Visual Side Effects of Clomid:

Less than 2% of all those who use this SERM will experience visually related side effects of Clomid, but it is a possibility. Some who use this SERM will find it causes their vision to become blurry or hazy, and some cases a bit spotty. In almost all cases, the visual disturbances will go away with the discontinuation of use, but there are a few reported instances of long-term damage. If any eyesight related side effects of Clomid occur, you will more than likely find choosing another SERM to be your best option.

Acne Side Effects of Clomid:

The side effects of Clomid can at times include acne, and this is most common for those who use the SERM for the purpose of post cycle therapy (PCT). The use of Clomid will increase natural testosterone production, and the high influx of the testosterone hormone can lead to acne in some cases. If this does occur, it will clear shortly after use is discontinued. Those who experience acne side effects of Clomid will normally do so on their back, chest or shoulders.

Bothersome Side Effects of Clomid:

Regardless of the purpose of use, the side effects of Clomid can include a few that are of a bothersome nature. Approximately 5% of all who use this SERM will suffer from abdominal discomfort. Less than 2% will experience nausea, vomiting, or headaches. Approximately 10% of users may experience hot flashes, with a little less than 15% of women experiencing ovarian enlargement.

Serious Side Effects of Clomid:

It is possible for the side effects of Clomid to include a life-threatening effect referred to as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). Fortunately, this is very easy to detect early on. Common symptoms include abnormal weight gain, nausea and diarrhea as well as abdominal pain and distension. If these symptoms occur, in order to avoid the serious side effects of Clomid you must discontinue use immediately.