Clomid for Men

Clomid is basically a fertility drug for women but however it can also be used by men. In women it helps in the process of ovulation and in men it helps in increasing the sperm counts. This very phenomenon of increasing sperm counts in male by Clomid is proved by a research done by WHO (World Health Organization) in 90s. It is not an approved drug to be used by men but it is an approved drug for women to use for infertility. But the results of research and some experiments have made most of the men use Clomid as a fertility drug.

Clomid drug is a way to increase testosterone in blood and testis at the same time. Leyding cells basically make testosterone in testis. Luteinizing Hormones (LH) are released by Pituitary Glands that help in making of testosterone by stimulating the Leyding Cells. Testosterone is started to be converted into female hormone estrogen and this estrogen asks the pituitary to stop making LH. This is where Clomid comes into action as it blocks the estrogen so that it should make more LH and more LH would means more and increased level of testosterone in testis and in the blood.

Before any doctor or preferably a specialist in fertility prescribes you with Clomid, he will definitely be taking lots of blood tests and semen analysis to judge your actual position and according to that he would be prescribing you. In a semen test, one should have a sperm count of about 20 Million sperm per ml. If sperm count is below it then you have a low sperm count and Clomid is one of the ways to increase this sperm count. Normally Clomid is prescribed to be taken for 6 months to show its effect in a complete manner. During these six months you would be having regular blood tests and semen analysis to compare you position for any improvement. Its normal dosage starts from 25 mg per day and it can be increased by advice of doctor up to 50 or 100 mg per day.

It is not always a successful treatment for all men having low sperm count and those with having no effect of Clomid should be re diagnosed by the specialists for further treatment. It is not always used as a fertility drug because as it is cheap and also readily available so some body builders or athletes also take it to enhance their body muscles for their sports. There are some side effects also attached with it for men who are using it for fertility or sports purpose which includes hot flashes, nausea, headache, blurred vision, mood swings and bloating of the abdomen etc.